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About Us.

Global Crusade with Kumuyi (GCK) is a worldwide evangelistic ministry that organizes gospel crusades, conferences, youth assemblies, and book publications. It is dedicated to spreading God’s message of truth through television, radio, daily podcasts, and social media. With a widespread presence spanning over 180 countries, GCK has garnered a substantial following of more than 5.3 million attendees, resulting in over 500,000 decisions for Christ. Its edifying content, delivered through programs like “GCK Daily” and “GCK Kings Circle,” is broadcast in multiple languages daily. In addition to its evangelistic efforts, GCK undertakes humanitarian initiatives through GCK Medical Missions, addressing health disparities, promoting wellness, and extending medical assistance to those in need. The overarching mission of GCK is to lead people to the truth found in Christ.

Vision .

At GCK, we are committed to continuing this divine journey, reaching more souls, and spreading the gospel further. We envision a world united in Christ’s love, a global community uplifted by His teachings. Join us as we continue to share this eternal message of hope and salvation.

Mission .

GCK stands as a beacon of hope, spreading the message of salvation and divine love across the globe. Our evangelical mission has touched lives in over 180 countries, resonating with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. Since our inception, we’ve been blessed to witness more than half a million souls embracing the path of Christ, a testament to the profound impact of our message.


Dr. William Kumuyi

Dr. William Kumuyi, the Convener of the Global Crusade with Kumuyi, represents a leading face and phase of the global evangelical movement. His unwavering passion for evangelism stems from a powerful personal encounter with God in his early twenties. This experience ignited a burning desire within him to share the hope and redemption found in Christ with others.

Following his calling, Dr. Kumuyi embarked on the journey to bring salvation, healing, and hope by preaching the Gospel from university campuses to remote villages. He is renowned for his clear, expository teaching style, making complex theological concepts accessible to a broad audience. His commitment to in-depth Bible study and emphasis on the practical application of scripture have resonated with millions across the globe.

His dedication to evangelism extends beyond individual crusades. He is a prolific author, with numerous books translated into many languages, further amplifying his reach and impact. He is also a highly sought-after speaker, inspiring audiences worldwide with his unwavering faith and passion for spreading the Gospel.


What We Believe

It is a great privilege to have the Bible – God’s own Word – as our heritage. The Bible is God’s revelation to man (Romans 15:4), the center of all divine-human relationships and cooperation (Psalm 89:34). A legacy has been preserved for us in the eternal Word, and our strength and understanding as a ministry lies in it. Our statement of faith presents our convictions about what God’s infallible WORD teaches and what we believe. Click here to read the full statement.


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