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684 West College St. Sun City, United States America, 064781.

(+55) 654 - 545 - 1235

GCK Daily
The GCK Daily is a short 15 minutes series of the Global Crusade with Kumuyi. It tells a compelling story of The Power of Jesus Christ such that it invokes a feeling of Faith, Hope, Healing, Salvation & Excitement.
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GCK TV & Radio
A weekly 30-minute program (curated from the GCK) on US, Canadian, and other global TV and radio channels. It gives millions of viewers the hope, love, salvation, and healing Jesus Christ offers all believers.

Stories of impact and miracles abound from listeners and viewers globally. Life transformed, destinies changed, heart surrendered through the power of God from the ministration of Pastor (Dr.) W.F Kumuyi.
Station Guide
Faith TV - Canada
Show Time:
Sunday | 10:30 am EST
LifeZone TV - New York
Show Time:
Monday | 7:00 pm EST
NOW Network - Florida
Show Time:
Thursday | 3:30 pm EST
COACB TV 39 - Ohio
Show Time:
Tuesday | 7:00 am EST
WLFL CW 22 - Raleigh
Show Time:
Sunday | 8:00 am EST
WHT Ch 367 - DirecTV
Show Time:
Saturday | 9:30 pm EST
WJYS Ch 62 - Chicago
Show Time:
Sunday | 10:30 am CST
KTXA Ch 21 - Dallas
Show Time:
Sunday | 6:00 am CST
WDEF Ch 12 - Tennessee
Show Time:
Sunday | 6:30 am EST
WPSG Ch 57 - Philadelphia
Show Time:
Sunday | 9:30 am EST
GCK The King's Circle
Empowering young minds with the power of God through daily teachings and trainings. Dr Kumuyi understands the myriads of challenges young people face and through the GCK-King’s Circle he reaches millions of young people daily.
Latest Episode
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The series on takes you on a life-changing journey through Dr. William Kumuyi's timeless sermons. In each episode, you will be immersed in his classic teachings and experience the grace, wisdom, and spiritual insight that have made him a source of hope for many.

It's Gospel Truth with Dr. William Kumuyi—Teaching the Truth, Turning Hearts to God.​
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