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The Healing Rain Fell

The GCK January 2024 edition was an electrifying event, drawing together many people with eager hearts and ailing bodies, all seeking a divine touch from God. The stadium pulsated with fervent prayers and praises, rising like incense in anticipation of a mighty outpouring of God’s power and grace.

Heartfelt prayers and faith-lifting praise kicked off the crusade. Choirs from across the globe filled the air with glorious melodies, inspiring the congregation with spiritual hymns and songs. A short-form drama conveyed Biblical truths, depicting the crusade’s central theme and igniting faith among the audience.

Renowned guest artist Justin Adams led the congregation in soul-stirring worship, paving the way for Dr. Kumuyi’s powerful delivery of God’s Word. Following the ministration, a rain of blessings descended upon the gathering. Jesus rolled off the burdens of sin as multiple people accepted the gospel with immediate healing following Dr. Kumuyi’s short prayer.

Shouts of joy reverberated throughout the field as raw miracles unfolded before the astonished eyes of the attendees. Testimonies poured in, showcasing God’s power over sickness, spiritual oppression, and the kingdom of darkness. From deliverance from satanic attacks to miraculous healings of chronic ailments, the manifestations of God’s power were undeniable.

On the inaugural night, Mrs. Hannah shared her testimony of deliverance from a satanic assault after embracing Jesus, experiencing divine peace and intervention. Godwin Kaluyi also testified of a divine promotion, attributing it to his unwavering faith and prayers during the previous edition of GCK.

We witnessed a continuation of miraculous occurrences in subsequent days, including healings from hepatitis and colon cancer, despite geographical distances. Even the youngest attendees, like 10-year-old Emmanuel, experienced supernatural healing from urinary challenges.

God honors faith! Mercy’s healing from lymphedema is a testament to the power of faith. Against medical advice, she entrusted her recovery to God during the GCK prayers, witnessing a miraculous restoration of her leg to normalcy.

God is working! This crusade was a testament to God’s unwavering presence and miraculous works. It was indeed a season of “Healing and Health for the Whole Man!”